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In october 2015 we were finally allowed to pick up our short-haired Weimaraner ‘Misthy’ from the breeder. Soon she took a central place in our family and showed herself worthy at the shows and the hunting field. Thus arose the wish to pass on her good genes. Weimaraners ‘Of Mistic Grace’ exists since 2019 and was born out of our great love for Misthy and our adoration for this fantastic breed. With a lot of passion we dedicate ourselves to breeding healthy Weimaraners with attention for a beautiful appearance, a fine character and will to please.

It is our goal to breed healthy Weimaraners with a beautiful appearance, a fine character and will to please.

Fred & Rita

We live in the Dutch village of Haaksbergen and have been hunters since 2015. Because of the higly appreciated behaviour of our first Weimaraner ‘Misthy’ we soon had the wish to breed with her. Meet us and read more about the establishment of Weimaraners ‘Of Mistic Grace’.

Our dogs

Meet our best friends. Misthy was a very people-oriented dog and she is the great source of Weimaraners ‘Of Mistic Grace’. She lives on through her son Tukker. Our beloved golden boy with silver fur. You can also meet our newest familymember Mellow. She is a niece of Misthy.


A Weimaraner by Mistic Grace is bred on beauty, health, a fine character and hunting passion. Read more about our breeding goals, sign up for a puppy and meet the pups from the A-litter.

All you need is love and a dog.

Sleep well dear Misthy

27 june 2022 – Haakbergen With great sadness we inform you that our Misthy has passed away. She leaves a huge void, but we cherish all the beautiful memories we have of her. Thank you Misthy for all your love, happiness and joy. Misthy is … Lees verderSleep well dear Misthy

Welcome Mellow!

28 may 2022- Haaksbergen We are very happy to introduce Mellow, our newest member of the Mistic Grace family. Read more about Mellow on her own page! 28 mei 2022 – Haaksbergen Met veel vreugde introduceren wij Mellow, ons nieuwste lid van de Mistic Grace … Lees verderWelcome Mellow!

Young Dog Day 2021

9 october 2021- Heteren Today we were present with mum Misthy and three of her sons at the Young Dog Day in Heteren.We thank judge Mr. W. Wellens in particular for the judging report of our litter and for the individual judging of the males. … Lees verderYoung Dog Day 2021

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